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CORDENKA has been producing industrial yarns since 1938. This experience in reinforcement – along with an extensive tradition of thorough testing – has shown CORDENKA® reinforcement for rubber and rubber goods to not only offer uncommonly high chemical resistance and low thermal shrinking, but also properties during vulcanization which make it superior to and more cost-effective than competing materials.

Polyester and polyamide are based on oil; that means they are thermoplastic and therefore affected by heat and stress. They exhibit higher shrinkage, higher elongation, and more creep.

CORDENKA® rayon, on the other hand, owes its heat- and stress-resistance to its cellulose origin. Rayon is thermostable, which means that it is hardly affected by heat and stress and offers lasting dimensional stability and performance.

In addition, CORDENKA® rayon requires no additional activating step (isocyanates) prior to RFL dipping. That’s not only better for manufacturing budgets, but – along with the fact that CORDENKA® fibers are produced from renewable raw materials – it’s better for the environment as well.

Product properties of CORDENKA® include:

  • good adhesion to rubber and plastics
  • high heat ageing and chemical resistance
  • high modulus
  • high thermal stability
  • high dimensional stability
  • low hysteresis
Product properties of CORDENKA®:

Measurement of adhesion
good adhesion to rubber and plastics

chemical resistance

highModulus screen
high modulus

high thermal stability
high thermal stability

high dimensional stability

low hysteresis
low hysteresis


These properties make CORDENKA® the reinforcing material of choice for high-performance tires, hoses and composites.
The CORDENKA product range includes CORDENKA® 610F (Super 2), CORDENKA® 665F (Super 2) and CORDENKA® 700 (Super 3) filament yarns in different titers and make-up.



CORDENKA® 610F nominally belongs to the category of Super 2 Rayon yarn. But when you take its properties into consideration, it is actually more similar to Super 3 yarn. It offers the best price/performance ratio and is widely used in tire and non-tire applications. The use of high quality CORDENKA® 610F yarn leads to high utilization rates and low waste ratios.


Type name/ Type no. Linear density (dtex) No. of filaments
CORDENKA® 610F (Super 2) 1220


CORDENKA® 700 is the only real Super 3 Rayon yarn on the market, offering 10% higher strength compared to CORDENKA® 610F and approximately 15% higher strength compared to standard Super 2 yarn. Because it allows manufacturers to use less material and save weight, CORDENKA® 700 is used in tires and is also widespread in the mechanical rubber goods industry.

Type name/ Type no. Linear density (dtex) No. of filaments
CORDENKA®  700 (Super 3) 1840


CORDENKA® 665F is Super 2 Rayon yarn with high elongation at break and
an optimized (= reduced) water shrinkage. It is used in mechanical rubber goods, with a focus on radiator hoses.


Type name/ Type no. Linear density (dtex) No. of filaments
CORDENKA® 665F 1840



If you are looking for more information on a particular product, you can find specifications in the service/download-section.

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