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Concern for maintaining or exceeding quality standards, health, safety, and environment is an integral part of our business philosophy. We are committed to the development of an employee-oriented and environmentally sustainable business.

CORDENKA GmbH & Co. KG has achieved and maintains an integrated management system for quality according to ISO 9001, for energy-management according to ISO 50001, for meeting environmental standards according to ISO 14001, and for compliance with the demands of plant and on-the-job safety in accordance with OHRIS regulations.

CORDENKA constantly works on further improvement of processes and products.



CORDENKA views the environmental sustainability of its products as a guiding principle for its lasting business success. Our environmental quality management aims at fulfilling or even, if possible and reasonable, continuously surpassing the environmental standards posed by society in general, and by our neighbors and environmental authorities in particular.

In this way, we can help to maximize gain for the environment while further strengthening economic fundamentals. Environmental objectives and measures, as executed and performed, are derived from the CORDENKA environmental strategy and are in line with the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified management system.

According to the relevant norms of the nomenclature of textile products, rayon is defined as a chemical fiber based on renewable resources. This definition points out two fundamental aspects of rayon production: the renewable raw material base on the one hand, and the intensive production process on the other. CORDENKA® rayon can be assessed as a contemporary, sustainable product, the production of which complies with all official requirements.

Chemical wood pulp forms the raw material base for rayon production; just like rayon, this pulp consists almost exclusively of cellulose: a material resulting from the natural synthesis of trees. CORDENKA’s cellulose suppliers use only those trees grown in the context of sustainable forestry, which ensures a continuous balance between harvested trees and newly planted saplings. The raw material base of CORDENKA®, in other words, is both renewable and sustainable.

The high-quality chemical wood pulp is a preliminary product with a negative CO2 balance that is the amount of CO2 that is tied in the wood pulp during photosynthesis is bigger that the amount released during its production.

As CORDENKA gets its energy from an efficient gas-fired power plant with cogeneration of heat and power, it yields, despite an energy-intensive production process, a total CO2 balance which is significantly favorable in comparison with competing products based on fossil feedstock.

In recent years, CORDENKA has already achieved considerable reductions in energy and water consumption during rayon production.

The current focus within the company’s environmental objectives is on the reduction of immissions of process-related gaseous sulfur compounds and on the further reduction of energy consumption.

Over the past years we have steadily upgraded our Obernburg facilities and invested substantial amounts in plant modernization.

These measures have resulted in ergonomic improvements in machine operation, and enable us to deal proactively with all standards and regulations in the field of occupational health and safety.

In addition to mandatory supervision by public authorities, CORDENKA is voluntarily certified by the industrial inspectorate in accordance with OHRIS regulations, thereby living up to the highest standards with regard to plant and on-the-job safety and ensuring safe and sound working conditions for all of our employees.

Our high standards are guaranteed by the consistent monitoring of all steps in the production process. All CORDENKA products – whether intermediate or end – are subjected to rigorous quality tests. Constant monitoring of equipment performance helps ensure that the best quality is produced at all times.

Our management systems ensure that we aim for continuous improvement; they allow us to deliver products of the highest quality and to achieve customer satisfaction while safeguarding environmental sustainability.

Careful inspection

Before the bobbins are packed, they are individually inspected. The production batches are only released for shipping to the customers or for further processing into cord or fabric in CORDENKA‘s own converting plant after careful inspection in the CORDENKA laboratory.

Based on ISO 9001 numerous inspections and tests include:

  • inspection of incoming raw and auxiliary materials
  • constant monitoring of the production process
  • compliance with the end product specifications
  • regular inspection and testing of equipment and components

CORDENKA GmbH & Co. KG has achieved and maintains an integrated management system for quality according to ISO 9001.


Our offices and productions sites are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHRIS certified.
You can view our aquired certificates in the service/download-section.

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